Back when Microsoft launched Winget, a new package manager for windows 10, only source was it’s own winget-pkgs. Recently Microsoft added support for Microsoft Store apps. It caused a lot problems and it’s impossible to upgrade some apps even with exact argument.

Let’s see. You have python 3.9.x installed on you pc and want to upgrade to python 3.10.x. You would try following usually to upgrade the package.

winget upgrade python3

You expect the app to upgrade but you get the following.

Multiple installed packages found matching input criteria. Please refine the input.
Name                   Id
Python 3               Python.Python.3
Python 3.10.0 (64-bit) {21b42743-c8f9-49d7-b8b6-b5855317c7ed}

You could use exact argument -e to upgrade.

winget upgrade -e Python.Python.3

But you get the same result. To avoid this you could specify which source to use.

winget upgrade python3 --source winget

To avoid this, you could just remove the msstore store from the store list completely.

winget source remove msstore

Please make sure to run it with elevated command prompt or Powershell.