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Connecting Nodemcu to Home Assistant

In the Previous post, we had setup Home Assistant on Raspberry pi. For the first integration, we are going to use ESP8266 aka NodeMCU. Required items as follows Requirements ESP8266 Power Su...

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Home Assistant Setup on Raspberry Pi

I’m loving Home Assistant. If your home has a lot IOT devices or if you want to get start with Home Automation, Home Assistant is best start. For the beginners, it maybe little intimidating but it ...

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Add Contact form to Hugo with Google forms

Hugo is great for a static site. No need for complicated setups, no database or data to be hacked. static sites have ton of advantages but when it comes to dynamic content like contact form it is l...

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Portainer on Wsl2

I’ve been using WSL2 for developing for both personal and Professional use cases. To manage and quick deploy the containers, I’ve been using Portainer. As much as I love to use Terminal, i’m mostly...

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Setup No Password Login for WordPress

Passwords can be tricky. They are hard to remember and easy to guess and easy to be stolen. And there is Human element and our stupid brains always wants use same or similar passwords for login on ...


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